Embedded systems are generally all those of electronic data processing microprocessor designed specifically for a particular application with an ad hoc hardware platform, integrated into the system that control and able to manage all or part of the required functionality.

The offer of Abinsula for Embedded Market is rich and well articulated.

Specific Fields

Automotive, Linux Embedded, Human Machine Interface, EOL Testing

Operating systems

Linux, VxWorks, Windows CE / Automotive, Osek


Freescale i.MX53 Family, Freescale i.MX6 Family, Nvidia Tegra2, Nvidia Tegra3,  Texas Instruments OMAP Family,  x86, PowerPC


Abinsula is able to offer advanced solutions for projecting and developing a complete automotive/infotainment system, thanks to the skills got by the many-years experience acquired at internation Automotive companies. From the development of firmware of the control units, to the definition of the communication protocols inside the network of the car, from the device drivers, to the design of GUIs and animated multimedia applications, we can follow the entire process of a complex infotainment system


  • UDS protocols/ Keyword 2000
  • CAN, LIN, MOST protocols
  • ASAP II standard
  • System porting from VxWorks to Linux, and vice versa
  • Fast Boot linux
  • Linux BSP development
  • Linux applications development
  • Project and development of Dashboard graphical multiplatform frameworks
  • HMI and GUI architectures
  • Audio Linux Framework integration( Gstreamer, Helix )
  • Development of demonstators to evaluate board performances
  • Study, architecture and integration of distributed systems
  • Testing


In-Vehicle Infotainment

The continuous development of wireless technologies is leading the automotive market to a drastic change of use of the car by the customers. Cars are increasingly connected ("connected car") to the outside, thanks to WiFi, bluetooth and new smartphones.

In this context, the automotive sector is evolving in "IVI" (In-Vehicle Infotainment) that integrates with the Internet, navigation systems, advanced multimedia systems, telephony. The machine not only can be directly connected with the Internet but at the same time smartphone could constantly collect all the information of the vehicle, warning you of any faults found and advising on how to reduce consumption or how it would be possible to drive respecting the environment.


Linux Embedded


Abinsula pays particular attention to its developments to the choice of Linux based solutions and, more generally, on open-source one. 

The adoption of open source technologies allows us to offer at customers several advantages, including: 

  • Cost savings resulting from the use of open licenses instead of expensive proprietary licenses 
  • Reduce development time with the ability to reuse code and free access to hundreds of libraries and software modules 
  • Freedom of being able to change their suppliers, if no more suitable, without fear of loosing possession of their data 

Porting and development of BSP for custom HW 

  • Device Drivers Development for Linux and RTOS 
  • Development of demonstrators for exhibitions or shows 
  • Development of HMI using advanced graphics libraries 
  • Rapid Prototyping Technique 
  • Ad-hoc distributions creations
  • OpenEmbedded & Yocto 

Device drivers Development 

  • Kernel space 
  • User space 
  • X11 - Xorg 
  • I2C 
  • I2S 
  • SPI 
  • Audio services 
  • Alsa (ASoC)
  • Gstreamer

Human Machine Interface (HMI)


The continuous evolution of technology in consumer electronics and the widespread diffusion and capillary devices can exchange information with humans make each day more important to the development of software systems for human-machine interaction . 

In this Abinsula aims with their professionalism in the field of HMI (Human machine interface) and the user experience.
Thanks to its development tools and skills in the field of graphics libraries, Abinsula is able to realize 2D/3D graphics interfaces, with a quick and efficient software development cycle 

Rapid Prototyping Tool 

The graphics framework developed by Abinsula allow you to:

  • Quickly create prototypes of graphical user interfaces 
  • Implement the interactions and the use flow of the interface 
  • Make the immediate deployment on each supported target 
  • Develop on multiple hardware platforms:
    • Window 
    • Linux Intel / ARM 
    • OS X 
    • Android 
  • View the changes in real time. 


  • Qt4 libraries QT5 
  • QML 
  • 2D 3D with OpenGL and OpenGL-ES where supported 
  • graphical interface language described with XML 
  • Export and integration with HTML5 CSS Javascript 
  • Communication and integration with Web Services JSON 
  • Support for multitouch and advanced input systems

Hardware Testing (EOL)

Analysis, design and development of EOL (End-Of-Line) Tests.

Abinsula, thanks to years of experience, manages the entire development process of End-Of-Line software.

  • Analysis: from a hardware platform, even in prototype form, we scan the hardware and software tools necessary for tests EOL
  • Design: In the design phase we take account not only of OS (BSP + DD) but also of the definition of Test Suite. Final goal is to produce a light and fast software, capable of performing test of a single hardware component in a short time
  • Development: at the end of this phase, Abinsula provides a software transport independent robust and scalable, able to carry out multiple tests in a parallelized hardware environment.

The developed software interfaces seamlessly with the most popular automated platforms and modular test (NI PXI / Labview / NI TestStand).

Main bus and tested hardware:

  • USB
  • UART
  • Ethernet
  • CAN
  • I2C / SPI
  • I2S
  • LVDS
  • GPIO
  • IRQ
  • GPS
  • DAB
  • TMC
  • CD
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • MOST
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • eMMC
  • NANDFlash