About us

Founded in March 2012 by 5 leading professionals in the information technology sector, Abinsula has grown steadily achieving several successes in the world of technological innovation.

Abinsula is a company which makes highly specialized consultancies in automotive and embedded integration fields, web & mobile applications and their customization.

After strong and relevant experience developed in years of presence in the ICT market,  Abinsula was founded by the idea of 5 Young Professional Engineers who thought to share their Know How and Background Experience for the new challenges offered by the IT Market World.

We are now more than 60 engineers with different skills and a wide range of experiences and we have worked with multiple clients all around the world. We are familiar with the most popular programming languages and we have several cross functional teams.

We are based in Sardinia (Sassari &Cagliari) and in Turin.

Solutions offered range from software design and architecture to implementation for commercial products based on both open source and proprietary platforms. 

Abinsula can act as your end-to-end system integrator and makes every effort to meet your requirements and respect your budget and deadlines.

The goal of Abinsula is to become the world leading provider for open source products, including Embedded Linux, and professional services for the digital transformation of large companies. Starting in Europe and from automotive, to reach the whole world and all markets.