Abinsula provides proven knowledge and experience about Information Security to any security-conscious companies and agencies. We deliver our consultancy in software engeneeringvulnerability analysis, application and network security assessment to provide a direct and structured response to every vulnerability of your organization's key systems and infrastructure.


Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test

This service aims to evaluate security level of networks, systems and applications. We focus on

  • Web Application Penetration Testing following OSSTMM e OWASP methodologies
  • Network and Wireless Penetration Testing provides a current view of vulnerabilities and threats to the network infrastructure
  • Embedded device Penetration Testing services provide our proven competencies in Embedded System to avoid misuses of unauthorized devices, prevent reverse engineering and system violations
  • Technology and platform-specific Penetration Testing like cloud or virtualized environments, VoIP systems, SAP infrastructures

Code inspection

Code review is an essential step in software development cycle that helps to identify weakness and security breaches in your products. We improve software security in a variety of software platforms including PHP, C/C++, Python, Ruby, Bash, and SQL.

Secure code development

We offer software prototyping, deployment, and custom engineering following strong security guidelines and methodologies. We can also improve your software quality applying different techniques of dynamic and static testing and defect analysis.