Abinsula starts a partnership with ApiumHub Barcelona

In order to reinforce and consolidate the commercial actitivities in Spain and Catalunya as well,Abinsula starts a new partnership with Apium Hub a technological Hub able to cover the whole cycle of digital product development, Apiumhub decided to collaborate with different partners, each one specialized in it’s own field: for example SEO, ASO, digital marketing, digital communication, design, IoT, blockchain, tech lawyers, cybersecurity, etc. Apiumhub is aiming to be the central point, a hub, for the clients, where they can find the best experts to work on their digital project together. 
Apiumhub is based in Barcelona and it is more than just a software development company, it became a tech hub that reunites innovation, design & technology. 
We are happy to announce this strategic parternship and we do hope to create in the incoming future many success cases.