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SPLIT is a Smart & Start Italia project. It is positioned in the IoT for Enterprise market, effectively supporting the transition from a M2M type communication model to an IoT model. The M2M market is expected to grow from 3.2 billion connected objects in 2013 to 18.5 billion in 2022. If we add to these numbers also those of the traditional market such as PCs, tablets and laptops, we arrive at the astonishing figure of 30 billion connected objects in the 2021 compared to the current 11.5 billion. So in a global market with an expected annual growth rate of 11% CAGR, this particular market, still perhaps anachronistically called M2M, being in fact all IoT for Enterprise, will grow by 22% CAGR, while that of traditional PCs, tablets and laptops of 4% CAGR. (Machina Research 2013). The main obstacles to the adoption of the IoT for Enterprise are of two types. This marked growth can only take place if the use of these technologies is simplified. SPLIT with its web-centric and Open approach, use of open protocols, structured APIs simplifies this use and sets the stage for change.Logo UE

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