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In recent years, multimedia is at the center of an ongoing technology transfer which, starting from common PC includes cars, TV, Mobile, enriched by new and interesting perspectives with a massive introduction of new technologies within the consumer and professional markets.


Embedded systems are generally all those of electronic data processing microprocessor designed specifically for a particular application with an ad hoc hardware platform, integrated into the system that control and able to manage all or part of the required functionality.

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Abinsula manages the entire process of creating mobile products for both the consumer and for the business world. From planning to design, from development to implementation and evolution of the product,until the publication on the stores (Apple Store, Google Play), by providing our customers with the tools to manage the evolution of their applications and monitor their use.

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Abinsula provides proven knowledge and experience about Information Security to any security-conscious companies and agencies.We deliver our consultancy in software engeneering, vulnerability analysis, application and network security assessment to provide a direct and structured response to every vulnerability of your organization's key systems and infrastructure.

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